Water Project

The poor rural communities suffer from a severe lack of water for their basic needs:

  • Safe drinking water; drinking unsafe water results in people suffering from waterborne disease.
  • General hygiene; bathing, washing clothes, etc., in unhygienic water.
  • Limited agricultural activities; lack of water does not allow them to have any irrigation.

These communities spend several hours a day collecting water often located some kilometres away from their home.

Pump Water Well

Water Pond

The Water project provides water for a group of families, either by creating Water Wells or Ponds.  The Wells provide safe water for most of the year both for consumption and small agricultural works. The Ponds provide sustainable water with easy maintenance in areas where groundwater is deep and difficult to access.

The member families of each group makes a small contribution towards the Well or a Pond.  It is now mandatory that the member families form savings groups saving small amounts to create a pot for the maintenance of their Well or Pond.

The Rice Bank project has been supported with funding from both Lotus and Lotus' Third Party Donors.