Past Projects


Neary Khmer:

In August 2009 Lotus funded a three year nutrition and health project for children under 5 years old covering 7 villages (Tomleab, Kouk Daung Thmei, Kouk Pnev, Kouk Trabek, Kouk Daung Chas, Kchar, Kouk Snuol) in the Kouk Daung Commune, Angkor Chum district, Siem Siem Reap.

Funding was also given for the purchase of additional water filters, water vats and lids.  This enabled a large number of the families in the villages to store and keep their water clean, as well as enabling them to distil the water before drinking it and cooking with it.  This dramatically reduced the number of water related illnesses in the community.

For the period August 2009 to August 2012 the achievements attained within Neary Khmer’s  “Sustainable Nutritious Food Security” project, were:

•   20 water pumps installed.

•   240 water jars distributed.

•   350 walters filter distributed.

•  104 lactating mothers and 235 pregnant women attended healty breasfeeding and infant care training sessions.

•   427 mothers of under 5s attended training and hygiene training sessions.

•   Collaboration with commune councils, village chiefs and the communities strengthened.


Neary Khmer village volunteer demonstrating nutritional cooking

In April 2011 Lotus also funded a 3 months "Intensive Feeding Programme" for 106 children who were identified as still being chronically malnourished. Monitoring results showed that many parents had to travel daily out of the villages to work during the dry season which prevented them from caring for their younger children during the day. As part of the "Nutritious food security" project, a village health volunteer was responsible for disseminating information and providing care and advise in each village. This enabled the volunteers who are members of the community to gain knowledge and take a more active role in their villages. As part of the 3 months "Intensive Feeding Programme", the volunteers organised day care for children under 5 years old, also feeding the children at lunch time with food provided by the project. The programme achieved very positive improvements.

Reports available:

Project evaluation report conducted in July 2012

Project Final progress report


Khmer Development of Freedom Organization (KDFO):


The objectives of KDFO are:  1) To provide basic needs, such as food and shelter, to Street children and the children of Street families, 2) To enable children to have some informal education and some vocational training.  3) To prevent the trafficking of women and children.  4) To assist families of Street children by increasing their income generating capacity through skills training.


Between 2008 and 2011 Lotus sponsored a number of KDFO projects ranging from funding the cost of English lessons for the Project Manager, funding the cost of providing additional food for the children, paying the shortfall in rent for the Centre, paying additional salaries for the teachers to make them more competitive, building a barrier wall at the back of the old Centre to stop it from flooding during the rainy season, etc.




Tabitha-Cambodia was founded in 1994 by Janne Ritskes, a Canadian with 20 years experience working in the slums of the United States, Philippines, Kenya and Cambodia.  Tabitha-Cambodia works to improve the lives of the poorest of the poor.


Between 2004 and 2007 Lotus sponsored Tabitha-Cambodia’s Savings Programme in the Siem Reap and Svay Rieng provinces, by funding the interest paid to the families in the Savings Programme.  A total of 6,000 families were in the Savings Programme in both provinces.


Lotus also participated 3 times in Tabitha-Cambodia’s House Building activities.  One of Tabitha-Cambodia’s projects is House Building - volunteer teams are encouraged to raise funds and travel to Cambodia to build house for families who are in Tabitha-Cambodia’s Savings Programme.  The teams cover their own costs and the cost of the houses they are to build, as well as paying a development fee to Tabitha-Cambodia.


During their Trustee visits to monitor the Savings Programme the Trustees extended their visits on 3 occasions to undertake house building activities, each time taking with them a team of 6 young people.






Reach Out Trust - Pushpavasti School, Dhngadpada, Mahrashtra, 250 Km north of Mumbai.


In 2006 Lotus was introduced to Reach Out Trust, a locally registered NGO.  Wolfgang Sietz personally knows the founders of Reach Out Trust, Adolf and Ancy Tragler (who live in Mumbai).  Reach Out Trust supports the Adiwasi people with limited funds on self-help, empowerment and vocational training programmes.


The villagers started a school for the children of the community which was made from bamboo and banana leaves and which got washed away every year during the monsoon.  Wolfgang Sietz personally funded the construction of a concrete two floor building to house the school and Lotus got involved in supporting the school by paying the salaries of some of the teachers, providing food, vocational training and water and electricity through the purchase of a solar system.