Our mission statement:


Lotus’ mission statement is to help disadvantaged communities, mostly in developing countries, to help themselves come out of poverty mainly through income generation activities.  Most of our projects are community based projects in the poorest remote communities which concentrate on helping families increase their income generation and which help women and children.

Lotus becomes involved in projects which are managed and operated by local independant NGOs and that have one or more of the following characteristics:


1.      They improve the abject poverty of the poorest remote communities.

2.      They help support self-help through income generating activities.

3.      They cover the basic needs of communities.

4.      They educate, provide vocational training and generally support children and young people.


In each location Lotus will only work with local NGOs who have a proven record in their field of operation.


Current Focus:

Currently Lotus is involved only in projects in Cambodia and funds with its own funds projects such as community livelihood, old ladies social protection, water resource management rice banks and savings schemes.   Lotus has been fortunate in the last 3 years to have also acquired third party funding from business associates and friends for specific water resource management projects (water wells, canal, filters and vats), social protetion and also for rice bank projects.

The local NGOs identify the communities most in need and together with Lotus and its Country Coordinator develop project proposals.  Lotus, through its Country Coordinator and through constant overviewing by its Trustees, monitors the progress of each project throughout its lifespan.



Lotus' website

Our website is intended to provide information on Lotus and its activities, its local partners and to provide third party donors with online information on 'their' projects.

The website will be updated on a regular basis and will serve as a communication platform between Lotus, its donors and its related partners in its countries of operation.

Ongoing information from our Country Coordinator, Erik van Rensburg, who is based in Siem Reap, can be found on the ‘Third Party Funded Projects Update’ (for the latest on donor projects) and 'Current News' (for current information) pages.  These pages will be updated on a monthly basis.