Future Project Plans

The communities development projects, as well as other smaller projects, carried out with present and past local partner NGOs; Tabitha, Khmer Development Organisation, READA and Neary Khmer, were all funded by Lotus with its own funds.  For the funding of the Vocational Training Social Enterprise (VTSE) project (operated with TLC), Lotus used predominantly its own funds but also some funds from two of its ongoing Donors.

Lotus' Third Party Donors have funded specific projects, such as the Rice Banks Project and the Water Projects.

Going forward Lotus would like to increase its support within the READA/Lotus communities with the help of Third Party Donors by:

  1. Expanding the Integrated Farming Project to more communities and more families.
  2. Hiring more technical specialist when needed.
  3. Increasing the number of Rice Banks.  The Rice Banks have been especially successful and beneficial to the member families.
  4. Supporting the existing Rice Banks to create small saving schemes within each Rice Bank.
  5. Establishing further Self-Help Small Loans (SSL) projects.
  6. Establishing Co-operatives.

Lotus would also like, with the help of its Third Party donors, to assist READA to create a Social Enterprise project involving the communities and READA.  The profits from the Social Enterprise project would go towards making READA more self-sustainable, thus making it less dependent on Donors (such as Lotus) to cover its operational and staff costs.

READA will embark on a Social Enterprise feasibility study which will be conducted with the University of Singapore. The feasibility study will be supported by READA, Lotus and local specialists. Final decisions on the Social Enterprise project will be taken during 2018.