Lotus Funded Projects Update




In September 2012 the 3 years “Appropriate Ways for Community Livelihood Improvement (AWCLI) project funded by Lotus in 6 villages across 2 district of Siem Reap province: Sre Chan Hout, SangKae, Tra Peang Veng, Ta Lien, Rom Deing and Ka Ngan Pong village ended.

Meeting at Commune to discuss canal


Achievements within the AWCLI project included:

•   327 families received grants and agriculture training supports.

•   18 Saving Groups were formed and received training in budget plans, group collaborations etc.

•   14 ring wells installed.

•   30 Agriculture training sessions provided.

•   6 Village Livestock Health representatives have been trained.

•   10 Rice Bank were established.



Project impact so far:

•   327 families (approx 1,635 people including 981 women) are benefiting from the project.  Over

75% have improved income generation.

•   Over 75% of the communities reduced their length of food shortage.

•   Over 75% of the families increased household assets as results of the project.

•   Over 75 % of the families improved knowledge and skills in agriculture activities and/or increased

business practices.

Please note: an end of project evaluation was conducted in August 2012 - Click here for evaluation. The above information will be update once the final report has been submited.

Social Projection - Tra Peang Veng Village

Lotus, through a monthly donation from Rosemarie Sietz and Ivy Christou, is supporting 20 vulnerable elderly ladies in Tra Peang Veng village.  The ladies each receive a monthly 'pension' varying in amounts depending on their needs.  Besides the monthly amount to the ladies, a small portion of the donation each month will be put into an emergency pot to provide extra assistance to the ladies in more difficult times such as severe droughts, sickness, floods, etc.

The project is operated by READA in co-operation with 3 village members who will be trained and guided by READA to manage the project and to look for alternative sources of funding.


Beneficiaries of Social Protection programme receiving 'pension'

Self Help Groups Small Loans Project (SSL)


It is expected that the activities of the SSL Project will be implemented in 10 villages, within the communities Lotus and READA work in, between 1 May 2016 and 30 April 2017, through 20 Self Help Groups (SHGs).


The goal of the SSL project is to improve the income generation of the participating member families by increasing their self-sufficiency through loans and savings activities. The loans will be granted to the SHGs who in turn will grant loans to  member families who will use the loans to undertake agricultural, animal raising and small business activities.  These activities will enable them to increase their income generation and to save within their SHGs.

The objective of the project is that by the end of April 2017, the 20 SHGs should have sufficient capital, knowledge and experience to be able to carry out on-going loans/savings schemes independently.


The SHGs will be charged I% per month by the SSL project for the loans and they in turn will charge the individual members 1.3% per month. The .3% additional interest charged to the members by the SHGs will go towards building up capital for future loans (post April 2017 paying the SHGs committee and for administration .


Communities Monitoring Project

Lotus-Trust decided, together with READA, that after working in the communities they have worked in for the last 6 years, they would do a smaller more concentrated project with fewer families, the Integrated Farming project.   Lotus-Trust was not happy with 'abandoning' the rest of the communities and decided that it would fund a 1 year Communities Monitoring Project - to be carried out by READA.  The project will be implemented in 23 villages in 7 communes between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017.

The aim of the project is to monitor the increased self-sufficiency of the communities through providing further training, guidance and monitoring to the Savings Groups, individuals, water user groups,  credit facilities with the Rice Banks as well implementing and monitoring the Social Protection project.

The objective is for the 20 Savings Groups should  have increased  their organisational capacity, through the transfer of know-how from best performing Savings Group, for all the rice banks to have a credit business and be able to stand on their own. for all water user group members  to have access to water, water filters and water vat.  They should have access to water enabling them to plant their farms  throughout the year. and for the cow bank to provide the extra cows to  other members and to have the ability to stand on its own.



This Life Cambodia:

Vocational Training Social Enterprise - Moto Doctor (VTSE - Moto Doctor) Project

The Vocational Training Social Enterprise - Moto Doctor  (VTSE - Moto Doctor) project.  This is a 1 year model project which was jointly developed by Lotus Relief Charitable Trust and This Life Cambodia and was funded by Lotus-Trust and two of its long-term supporters, Mr Toby and Mrs Gina Wyles,

The concept of the project is to give vocational training in motorbike repairs to youngsters from disadvantaged communities including from orphanages.  The project does not only give the youngsters vocational skills which will enable them to earn a living in this sector, but it also gives them the social skills needed to reintegrate back into society.

The key elements of the project are the creation of a social vocational training project, and, at the time, the creation of an Enterprise side which sells skills and services through the vocational side to the general public.   The vocational trainers (who are employed by the project), whilst training the students (and the students themselves once they have acquired sufficient skills) sell their services to the public.  The  intention of producing profits is to fund the social side of the project.   The aim of the VTSE project is for the Enterprise side to eventually, over a 3-4 year period,  produce 70-80% of the total projects costs, with the remainder being covered by the Partners (Lotus and TLC) and long-term donors.   Both the training and the selling of skills and services are conducted in the shop which has been rented for the project.  The name of the shop is 'The Moto Doctor'.

This current 1 year project is intended as a model case and we are presently in the process of adjusting and modifying the 2017 VTSE-Moto Doctor project.